“Instantly Send Your Emails From Your Email Client Without Ever Logging Into A Website Again.”

We all know that sending mails these days requires a lot of time. You have to constantly login to your favorite mailer, safelist and other sites to send out your mails.

Now, this is a thing of the past. You’ll never have to do that again!

Introducing a totally new and unique twist in marketing your business…


Keepin' it Simple and Sexy

With KissMails.com you no longer have to waste your precious time logging into a website to send out your mails, you can do it right from your favorite email client!

Simply open it up, setup your mailing and click send and your mailing will go to the members of our site, based on whatever membership level you are at.

With KissMails.com, you just login to our site, choose a membership level if you would like to upgrade and you can begin using our system immediately.

Some awesome benefits of KissMails.com include:

  • doneMail From Your Own Client

    Send mails from your favorite mail client - No longer do you have to waste time logging into a website to send your mailings.

  • doneNo Time Wasting

    No more wasting time inputting credits in to send your mailings like other websites. It’s all done for you simply and automatically.

  • doneHuge Commission

    Earn 10% up to 50% commission.

  • doneIncredible Membership Options

    5 Incredible membership levels to choose from: Choose free, monthly or save on purchasing a yearly membership.

  • doneBanner Ads

    Create banner ads based on your membership level and apply the K-Credits you’ve accumulated to them.

  • doneBanner Ad Credits

    Earn K-Credits for clicking on banner ads: Now your banner ads are even more effective.

  • doneSet and Forget

    Just login to your account, setup your ads and the system will automatically send out your emails for you.

Email Client Sending (ECS) is the proprietary technology that has been built into KissMails.com and is responsible for:

100% Email Deliverability: No longer do you have to wonder whether or not your mailings are getting to their intended target. With Email Client Sending, we have broken through past your email service provider's algorithms.

Explosive Click Through Rates: Our CTR is much higher than the industry standard of 2% - 5%.

Producing Action-Takers: With ECS, we've created a process that deters the tirekickers and builds a member-base of action-takers that are more responsive to your offers.

Our system is so simple, just login to any of your favorite email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any type of email client for your own website and send your mailing.

That’s it, it’s that simple and that’s what makes it totally sexy. Try KissMails.com today, it’s free to join and we know you will absolutely love it.


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